Thursday, August 28, 2008


today was my first payday.
it was glorious.
i got a real, grown up paycheck.
to say i am excited would be an understatement.
granted... i have a lot of bills to pay and groceries to get in the coming days and gas to buy.
still. i will actually have money leftover from that... it feels like a miracle.
and to think- in two weeks i will get another paycheck.
right now that is just unfathomable.
i am so used to working so much in a hospital without getting paid a penny.
::thanks to nursing school, where i worked full time in a hospital without the pay::
but now. i am doing the same thing... and getting paid.
such a beautiful thing.

anyway. my work day today turned into a 13 hour, 45minute day. extremely long, but very eventful and full of learning. i love the floor i am on- and the nurses i am with. all very good, very funny, very kind, and very helpful. such a great group. i am really liking it... which is good. and sense i only work 3days a week ::yes thats full time as a nurse though- 12hr shifts remember:: i actually dont mind going to work at all! its nice... bc its something to do! i have found my 4 days off i get QUITE bored!! i will say having so many days off will be awesome to travel and such- but when im just hanging around durham- its quite boring and lonely.
im looking into some options of things to do.
such as.
1. take some or one random class at a school around here ::there are only 3 MAJOR universities not to mention the other state universities, community colleges, and tech colleges ALL within 30mins of me.
2. take piano lessons ::except i dont have a piano here, but there is a questionable keyboard in my basement?!?::
3. babysit (except no kids will ever beat my sizemore girls and the lingenfelter kids (truly the most amazing children ive ever met))
4. studying for the GRE ::which will prob happen anyway::
5. find a part time job ::yeah not so much::
6. volunteer somewhere :sounds promising::
7. get involved with a church ::also promising, but must find a church::
8. ...ehhh... dont really have an 8. so yeah. im pondering the previous options of things to do on my days off. we shall see if i follow up with any of them. ill keep you posted. dont you worry.

anyway- im pooped after an exhausting day. luckily no work tomorrow- but i get to take my paycheck to the banK! :) yipee!

so much peace and love from north carolina-


Julia said...

hey danielle, you could always get a part time job as a nanny or babysitter, there are tons of oppurtunities in the Cronicle- the duke university paper and in the independent. look around and see if you find anything!

ozob said...

you could always fly

ozob said...

where did your feet pic go???? i really miss it.... it was so you