Sunday, September 7, 2008

3 12's....

so the last 3 days i have worked 12 hours shifts.
not the most exciting thing to happen... but that is why i have been away from the blog.
after working 12 1/2 hours... ::which is me leaving my house at 6.30am and getting back at 8:00pm:: the last thing on my mind is blogging. normally i get home... make dinner (or pick it up on the way home)... make lunch for the next day... and then lay in bed. or read. or ry comes over for a little bit and we catch up briefly. not the most exciting thing BUT luckily i only work 3 days a week... so there are 4 to do fun things... or be bored... but still. anyway i did add a little variety to my working 3 days... was a little adventurous and stayed up until 10:30! woaH! i know...

remember now, i have worked the past 3 weekends... UGH. so i was sick of not doing anything on friday nights... so this friday... there was a duke soccer game. duke v harvard to be exact. and it just so happened to begin at 7.30 so right after work i took off to the game. got there at 8. snuck in... and sat in the POURING RAIN to watch duke soccer. i will say though it was a blast! and def the highlight of my 3 days. i was with ryan, colin, and colin's friend ben. those 3 boys were so funny and the game was superb. we of course beat harvard 3-1. so yippee!!

brief rundown of my work week. sucks. dont like it... but will push through. only 3 more days with my current nurse and on this floor then i will be out of there. THANKFULLY! as ben says "ptl" ...or praise the Lord... haha... so yeah PTL that this rotation is almost done and then ill be off to my last one

ill blog again later tonight... about paula and chads visit! yeah... they came and spent the night last night!! waHOOO! it was a blast... but ive got to go make some dinner. ry and i are quite hungry! :)

much love and peace for now... d

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