Saturday, August 16, 2008

rhino reunion.

so it has been a few days since i have posted... sorry mom. haha... and for all others who enjoy reading this. although i doubt "enjoy" is the proper term. anyway. for my loyal fans out there. im back in action. let me fill you in.

jack johnson concert: amazing. he is a very very talented guy who has a lot of talented musicians.

wed: chelsea's sister and friend were in town... so i gave them a tour de durham. i took them to all the places i knew that were cool around town. it worked out quite nicely ::since just a few days before good old julia mercer (now norman) from lagrange (who goes to duke) had given me a tour!!) anyway. we spent the day wandering around town having lots of fun.

thurs and friday were back to work... but it was computer training at the hospital. meaning i spent 12 combined days learning how to do things such as send an email. granted some things i def needed to learn- BUT 12 hours was def not necessary.

one very importnant thing did occur thursday night. my beloved rhino came to town. talk about excited... i was like a kid on christmas morning! getting the biggest present ever! i was so excited and giddy- just ask! ::but i know he was excited too! that made it even better:: anyway after what took him NINE hours... he finally got here to durham. yes. you are correct it should not take nine hours to get from savannah to durham. its like 5hours. the poor guy got a flat tire- then the donut was not good- so had to get a new tire at a sketchy place in the ghetto- then his bike rack on his car would not stay on! he persevered through and got here at about 9:30 thursdsay night. of course i was here to greet him and we unloaded and unpacked.

sadly ryan's adversity did not end there. he woke up friday morning to no power. the bill had not been confused between the people moving in and moving out of the house. 24 hours later ::after some sweat and frustration:: we got the power back on! i will say- hunting for a fuse box at 11:30 at night- in the pitch black... not a fun or easy thing to do. luckily it was in the SIXTIES last night... so we opened his bedroom windows and he was fine. the house was actually coool. yeah. nc weather is AMAZING.

today ry and i spent the day setting up house. well his room. and his house with his brother and his bro's girlfriend. it was a lot of fun and now his room is all set up and organized. yes it only took him a day... and it took me 2 weeks! haha...

ok well thats my week in a flash. hope you enjoy reading this!

oh mom. funny story for you. so you remmeber back at christmas when you bought me that little battery operated fan? well you did. and i was like what the heck. this is so random. i will add that it came in SUPER handy whne the power was off. it worked like a champ!! so thanks... i finally used it after 8months!!

haha... ok much love and peace from an excited gal in north carolina- :)


jlindsey said...

Danielle, I love you! I love reading your blog & when I saw the title of this blog I was nearly giddy with excitement! Kisses to you & yours! xoxox

Sara said...

:). What a lucky gal! Love you people!