Monday, August 18, 2008

job. day one.

so today i worked my first day... on the floor... as a real nurse.
i was at the hospital for 13hours and 30 minutes. talk about a long long day.
it was exhausting.
so i am going to bed without writing much at all.

but i will say it was awesome. i really liked it a lot. i liked the nurse i was with and our patients kept us busy all day- which is good for me. ill write much more about it and my "new grad" program later.

for now im going to bed...

but exciting news... im flying to ga tomorrow!
paula is picking me up and off to chatanooga we go for some exciting, sneaky, fun!! :) hehe...
i am so excited!!

so much love and peace from your favorite RN!! :)
::hahaha:: :) really though. BIG HUGS FOR ALL!!!! especially my favorite lingenfelter family!


Julia said...

hey danniemac!! i'm glad you had a good first day,

i just wanted to give you the link to my blog-

jlindsey said...

Right back at cha with the love!

Sara said...

if anything ever happens to me i'm going to ask to be transferred to your hospital because theres a specialist there for whatever will be wrong with me. that specialist will be you.

just warning you :)