Tuesday, August 12, 2008

craigs list success

today i had my first successful craig's list purchase. if you dont know what craigs list is... you should check it out... craigslist.com ...basically its a place to buy and sell or give away stuff by meeting up with people or doing something like that. different than ebay. but basically the same... you can buy houses, washing machines, or even tickets! and its broken up by areas in the country... so i search durham-raleigh nc ... but you pick wherever you live... sadly lagrange was not nearly as convienent as it is here in a bigger city.

anyway. there is a concert tonight... jack johnson. chelsea and a friend of hers is going... and chelsea's sister is in town and going... so chels had this idea i should look at craigs list for a ticket. so i began my hunt last night... and today at 11:00 i had success for the concert TONIGHT! so crazy. so fun. and the best thing is my ticket was WAY cheaper than anyone else's! so yeah. off to see jack johnson tonight. if you dont know who he is listen here... jackjohnsonmusic.com

so ... wahoo craigslist... jack johnson here i come! :)

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Margaret said...

Hey Dannie, I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks and highlighted you on a recent blog. Someone gave me a Brillante award and no you have one too. Pass it on if you like to blogs you enjoy. Glad to see that you are adjusting pretty well to life outside of LaGrange. Margaret