Monday, August 11, 2008

monday- monday.

oh monday. a little stressful, kinda frustrating. more meetings/orientation at the hospital. luckily only 2 more days of it! but kinda not good. we are only working thur and fri of this week... which is so nice, but at this point in my life... sadly... i need to work. i need hours... and im not getting them this week. oh dear. anyway, it was a little bit of a frustrating day, poor ryan and sara... they were the people i vented to... haha... but thats what best friends are for. :)

anyway i did work out today... holy cow! i went to a new class... muscle pump- BUT with a different instructor... good gracious. best work out ive had in a while so it was nice to sweat and get my mind off things.

the work out was followed by a superb dinner of taco salad. mmmm. so good.

anyway it was just a regular monday, except i think all this time away from rhino is catching up with me. good gracious. four weeks is an AWFULLY long time to be a part. im so ready to be with him! see him. talk to him- to his FACE! to laugh and goof off and just be together. hopefully it will be the last time we are a part for so long. i hope so anyway!

and yay... for ill be flying home in one week! to see some special people for a special occassion. so wahoOO for that! ok off to olympic watching... and to craig's list. i am on the hunt for some jack johnson tickets... for cheap. he is in concert tomorrow night here. my roomie is going so im trying to find a cheap ticket to go too!!

doubtful, but its fun to hunt!

love and peace from north carolina-

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Lee said...

i love these updates, danielle!