Saturday, August 9, 2008

greece please.

the next place I am going.
the Greek Isles. in particular the island of Santorini. thats the place below.

I decided today I am going there. I have even already looked at hostels to stay in and cruises around the isles and things to do and the best places to go. Santorini is apparently the island to go to, and after seeing some pictures I agree. It is one absolutely breathtaking place... and I want to go. Typically, when I want to go somewhere, I end up going there too. Not to sound snotty or whatever about it, but normally I find the money, find the trip, and make it happen. Thats just my personality. I make unrealistic and crazy dreams- come true. Its how I am... and well I am going to make it happen. Somehow, someway, I am going to go. Whether I go on a nice luxurious cruise, or I go- backpack around and stay in hostels along the way. The latter being the much more affordable thing to do... so we shall see. Ok enough about Greece... Let me share about my day.

Lunch: with a FRIEND! waHOO! a girl I went to undergrad with goes to Duke Divinity here so I got to meet up with her, have a super lunch, and then get a "tour-de-durham" saw LOTS of cool places, and things I need to do, and restaurants I need to eat at! It was perfect!

Afternoon: met up with another FRIEND! this one from work... yes i know. I am making friends at work... yeahHH! :) but met up with her and saw "sisterhood of the traveling pants 2" SUPERB girl movie. I LOVED it. made me laugh, made me cry, made me miss my girlfriends, and my ryan. which i will add there is a baby in the movie... named RYAN CHRISTOPHER! yeahHHH. talk about making me miss my man even more... the baby in the movie had the same name!! i def made an audible gasp when i heard that. i couldn't believe it! anyway- lots of romantic scenes and lots of laughs. and oh yeah... they went to greece (prob why i want to go now) but after the movie i did research... so i really do want to go. haha...

nightime: OLYMPICS... of course.

so yeah. there was my saturday. very nice and fun. now im off to read a little and watch some olympics... that is if i can get away from my many google searches: greece ; greek isles; greece vacations; Mediterranean cruises.... haha. those are just a few!

so for now. much love and peace...

and for some... see you SOON! :)


jlindsey said...

Girlfriend, travel all you will NEVER regret it! The danger in travelling is that you can never stop! We miss you!

Sara said...

you missed a key point: I'm going to greece with you. :) haha