Friday, August 8, 2008


the weekend is here! and now that I am a working woman, I have come to appreciate the weekends! My first full week of work is complete, and truly it will probably be the last time I work monday-friday for a long long time. my hours and days working as a nurse are quite sporatic. mostly 7am-7:30pm... long long long days, but only 3 days a week! so that gives me 4 days every week to play. eat. workout. sleep. and read. mmm fun fun. def glad to be done with week one of orientation... sadly 1 more week to go. (only mon, thurs, fri though!) its been fun this week getting to know some people and making friends. def a good thing!!

so as you should know. its 8.8.08. the beginning of the olympics!! im pumped. so time to watch the opening ceremonies... be the roommates... and possibly find some chinese food!

not much longer before ryan comes! THANK GOODNESS!! today makes 3 weeks... may not seem like long... but thats 21 DAYS! much longer than we have ever been a part in our 3 1/2 years! so yay... one more week without him!

ok enough for now. off to read and relax. :)

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Sara said...

21 days is a long time. dont kid yourself. haha.