Wednesday, August 6, 2008

my best friend is getting ESPOUSED!

my sanity.
my laugh

my inspiration.
my india companion...
the only one who truly understands and knows how i feel...
::because she was there too::
my adventure partner.
my jelly bean experimenter.

one of my bestest friends...

so needless to say- im quite excited that she is GETTING MARRIED!!!
to the man of her dreams- who is perfect for her.
im so happy for them and so lucky to have such an amazing woman in my life.
yeah i can't wait!
thats what ive been busy doing... and loving every minute. getting emails about dresses, and invitations and the girls dresses and places. its been so fun to help out and be a part of this amazing time in her life!!

oh pong-a-u-long-a, i love you so much!

*ill do a quick side note*work is going great. long boring classroom meetings, but today was good and i am getting to know a lot of fun great people. so far so good. and today i learned about benefits... but actually think i might understand! haha :)

off to bed for an early morning.
peace and love.

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