Sunday, June 29, 2008

snapshots of fun

This is the Hope for Africa Children's Choir out of Uganda that we were able to see perform in St. Mary's Georgia. The choir is touring all over the United States and luckily spent 2 weeks visiting South Georgia Methodist Churches. They are out of the Humble United Methodist School in Uganda. While they were in the South GA area they stayed at Epworth- so I was blessed to meet them and hang out with them. It was an amazing experience. I was actually house-sitting for the woman who was their sponsor here in GA. I was able to talk with her and learn a lot about their school and the opportunities that are available to go to Uganda and work at their school. The thought has crossed my mind and I am hoping that in the near future I will be heading to Uganda and visit these children and their amazing school. 

Here is just a cute lil pic from the night me and museum man went skating at "Skateland 17". Yeah it should have been called "sketchland". LOTS of fun- we both are pretty good on skates- but def a SKKKKETTTCHHYY place! 

This is just a little reunion shot from LT 05! Four of us were counselors... and then the other three were our campers!!! that are now counselors!! haha... well by camper i mean they were seniors in high school/or had just graduated and went to either Mission Macon or Youth Leadership Academy. pretty funny!
Last but not least another cute Museum man and Nurse shot... this time at capture the flag. we didnt play though... the smile... its an Allison Snider smile... :) 

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