Monday, June 30, 2008

surf city usa

i wish i had a picture of my current location... its so beautiful here in surf city, n.c. there are a good 15 people staying in a 4bedroom house just across the street from the ocean. this weekend the count will go up to 18! :) anyway from our balcony you can see the amazing ocean and hear the huge waves. its a gorgeous clean beach with huge waves! 

the snider clan ::llewellyn actually:: are from illinois so they dont exactly get to go to the beach everyday. ive been so spoiled to be living on an island the past four summers. i take it for granted... a lot. 

i am looking forward to the week ahead- concluding the studying. laying on the beach. relaxing. taking my test. and becoming a freeeee woman. off to study before bedtime... ill have some pics soon. :) 

love and peace-

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