Thursday, June 26, 2008

do i need stitches nurse danielle?

words you never want to here... but today i heard them a couple times. luckily (?) i only had one yes. it was definetly a tramatic morning at the beach for a couple of kids, which led to a busy morning for myself. a poor innocent soul found out what happens when you step on an oyster shell... your skin slices open and you get five stitches. Now I must say I have seen some bad cuts. heck- I have had some bad cuts... but this def had the fat tissue hanging out. quite gross. five stitches -and many many tears later- all was back in place and the kid was good to go right back to camp. quite a trouper. the other cuts just had to be glued together. im sure the little island clinic loved us today! haha...

anyway other than the tramatic morning the day ended nicely with some good friends and fun. i am soooo ready to be done with this studying thing though. i will say that. next thursday will not come soon enough! i spent a lot of time studying today- but tonight had fun hanging out with great friends who worked way back in 05...when all the cool kids did. :) haha....

this weekend should be fun. studying will be intense... but lots of good camp friends are coming to the island... and then off to snider family vacation. :)

peace and love.

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