Monday, May 9, 2011


moving has its advantages. 
one: you can get rid of TONSSS of crap 
(well. that is if you HAVE tons of crap)

my goodwill pile after going through my closet and 1/3 of the office closet

the current state of the office = a disaster

and the other side:

there is just stuff EVERRRYWHHERRREEEE.
but soon it will all be packed and have a home. 
(possibly a home at goodwill)

anyway. i successfully cleaned out our bedroom today. 
2 closets of clothes. 
1 linen closet. 
and my cedar chest. its a chest ive had my whole life that my grandpa built me. 
its awesome. i keep "special" things in it. 
little did i know that EVERY SINGLE birthday card IVE EVER GOTTEEEENNN was in there. 
along with EVERY softball jersey ive ever worn. and team hat. 
its a bit obnoxious. 
its not cleaned out. 
i have a few very special items (that may not be in 8 years-- but right now they are) and threw an entire bag of trash away. 

so progress indeed. may the work continue through the night!

when i get on a roll i just don't want to stop!!

love & peace

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