Sunday, May 15, 2011


i know. im a little behind. 
let me tell ya- that closet got me good. 

i had great success in cleaning out the office and storage closet. 
by great success i mean an entire jeep load to goodwill, a trash bin (like the giant ones at the side of the road) full of trash and the recycling bin also filled to the top. 
i found things i had not looked at in yearsssss. like some stuff prob 10 years. 
its mostly all gone now and it feels soooo good. 

after the cleaning i swiftly moved into getting ready for ryan's graduation & the family coming. 
friday brought on the fam.   
  we have eaten a lot. played a lot. talked so much. and had a fabulous weekend. 
im so glad the macminn's and snider's get along so well. 
its been a lot of fun and i've enjoyed having everyone together. 

they are all coming back by before they head out of town today. 
and then--- ill probably crash. its exhausting having 9 ppl around!! 

oh and of course-- ryan graduated from DUKE divinity last night. it was such a great service. there are lots of pics of his hooding so ill post some. some time. :) 


we fly out tomorrow evening/night and will be off to explore and see what we can see. we have an itinerary and we are set. should be awesome!!

welp. hope all is well in your neck of the woods. 
love & peace

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