Sunday, April 3, 2011


its what i do now.
and im crazy about it.
i don't know why-- ok yeah i do.
every single day that I go out and run i do so much better.
its easy to do something that i see results from day after day.

unlike my stupid tests that i spend hours and hours and hours studying for and then get OK results on my test--- i have spent hours running ((over 15 so far)) and see amazing results every day.
its such a fun great accomplishment.

anyway--- my weekend has been full of some running, studying multiple hours for pharmacology, watching basketball with friends and going to church.

only 4 more weeks of the semester (3 for ry)!! then im free for 3 weeks!!

its def countdown time.

oh and my first race is NEXT WEEKEND!! woooo :)

love & peace

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