Wednesday, March 30, 2011

catch up...

apparently i have not been blogging enough here for my mom to be happy--- so here is just a tiny shimmer of why i have not blogged.
1. for starters: i have worked 4 out of the last 5 days.
2. today i sat in class all day
3. when i come home from work i either
a. watch tv to unwind
b. spend some time with ryan
c. do homework
d. crash and go to bed

therefore i've been a little bit occupied the last few days. after this week life is looking up!
next week i only work 2 days.
mom and company are coming up for my race!
school will be winding down in april.
i have 3 weeks off school AND WORK in may!
im going to colorado.
ryan and i will be moving.
and i have like 4 races i have signed up for.

since im on the topic of running let me share some exciting news....
july 4th I will be joining 60,000 other people and running down peachtree street. 6 miles at that!
i entered the lottery thinking I would probably not get in--
but holy smokes. monday morning rolled around and there sat in my inbox my e-mail stating i am in!

so-- since thats a huge race. well in fact its the LARGEST 10K in the WORLD i've decided i need to step up my training!! geeze!! so after my april 10 race--- im doing a 5K on april 30. then a 8K in june ((the running of the bulls!-- its in downtown durham)) then doing the 10K in july.

so ill be training for that nonsense all while-- finishing school. working. and moving.
sounds perfect :)

welp. thats about it folks.
except for the--- IT SNOWED the other day. yeah. snow. insane.

im looking forward to a night of running and homework.
big test next week so ill probably be MIA again.

love & peace---
from a kid who's just trying to survive my crazy life--

UPDATE: had the BEST run yet tonight! check it out:

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