Friday, March 4, 2011

its at a whole new level.

the chaos, business, insanity of what i call my life. 

had a huge test on wednesday that i studied hours upon hours (like easily 10) that i did not do great on. 
im in the middle of working 3 days right now. 
i had clinic earlier this week. 
next week--- spring break--- im in clinic twice and working twice. 
really. all i do is go go go. 
im ready to stop! just for a day!!

the only thing that i keep constant ((well two things)) 
ryan and trying to spend time with him in the evenings. dinner. madmen. relaxing. 

and my running. 
i think its actually keeping me sane this semester. 
its something i genuinely look forward to. 
i do. no matter what 3,4,5 times a week. 
and its time for me to just go run. 
my race is coming up soon--- april 10!

next week though-- is my birthday. 
which is a day ive taken off work to relax with ryan.
all day friday and saturday and sunday we are doing nothing but relaxing and enjoying ourselves. its my 3 day spring break and i can't wait!!

well since i prob wont blog again until THEN--- really. 
enjoy your weekend/week! 

love & peace


KLH.143:8 said...

i think you're my hero. :)
enjoy your birthday and your days of rest.
you totally deserve it.

love & miss you.

ozob said...

so what do you want for your bday??? running shoes??? a massage??? a secretary???? Let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!