Monday, March 7, 2011

birthday requests for mom

dear mom.
since you asked me what i wanted for my birthday i thought i would blog you a little something.
when it comes down to it-- i dont really know. i dont need anything.

but a nice new lens would be great. a wide angle- or a fish eye attachment would also be fun. you can get these attachment gizmo's that would make for some pictures. since im doing a big wedding this summer it would be nice/fun to have a few options.

also. i'd be interested in a new book.  The Help.   i'd like that.

duke toe-goez flip flops still a winner.

of course any fiesta and tervis tumblers fiesta are always welcome.

a new verizon iphone would be like my number one of all time request- but considering the obnoxious price-- i know thats not going to happen.

one last option is the magical gift card. to REI, dicks, target. those stores would allow me to purchase 'gear' for my running fun.

you could also fly me and ryan to new york city for the weekend.
or send us on a cruise.

ok. hope that helps.
lots of love.


KLH.143:8 said...

i think Ben & I would be willing to join you and Ryan on a weekend to new york..or a cruise :) haha

ozob said...

i think you both are on crack... why don't i just make it a family affair and we all go to new york for the weekend...and when we return our mansions will be spotless because the house staff will see to it, and our lawns and gardens will be perfect, and our silver will be shining, and our table will be set with the finest, and the limos will be lined up ready to take us on our next advenure!!! lovely. can i wear camos in new york?