Sunday, November 28, 2010

what a weekend...

well i started at home depot.
and spent the best 20$ ive ever spent.
4 new stove top 'spill covers' later... i feel like i have a new kitchen.

here's a lil before & after.

ryan came home saturday afternoon and we headed straight to a christmas tree lot...
we dont have trees grown locally in durham- apparrently they wont grow here-- but these are from the north carolina blue ridge mountains! :)
and this lot goes towards a great local cause... so it was the perfect place to get a tree.

muscle man carrying it in...

ill post pictures of our living room all decorated at some point...
but its looking good. and smelling awesome!

----and then today--- after church we hit the books.
but first we made our first homemade loaf of bread with ryan's new breadmaker!

it looks sooooo good.
and smells amazing!!

hope your weekend was fun & refreshing!
one more week of class! then tests-- then BREAK!!!

love & peace

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Sara said...


Our tree did not come from the mountains...just sayin ;)