Wednesday, November 10, 2010

going and going and going

i feel like the energizer bunny....
i just keep going and going and going....
im hoping my internal/mental battery keeps going as well.

everyday its school. or work. and some days... like today... its both.
whewww. im beat!

but despite having tons of reading to always be doing, studying for the next test, thinking about the next meeting.... i have been smart enough to put those things aside at times and just enjoy life. the simple things.
like a date.

this past weekend ryan and i went on a date.
just us two.
we have been doing TONS of group things
(which we love- but some alone time-- def important)

and no kidding... we had TWO couples ask us to do something-- WHILE we were on our alone date. we politely declined and enjoyed our night out at a fabulous nice restaurant. we then perused my favorite street side shops in brightleaf ((that are open late!)) then headed home to pj's, fires, cookies, and movies.
peerrfect evening. im still relishing in it now. 4 days later. :)

last night we enjoyed dinner at our neighbors-- 'tuesday' thanksgiving!
we had turkey, dressin, and the whole works.
just for fun.
and it was.

im loving school. just ready to be done with PATHO!
but the good news is... only 3 weeks left!

i can't believe my first semester of grad school is winding down!
((granted-- a lot to do before december 14-- but after than im off for a WHOLE MONTH!

i can't wait. read a pleasure book. and not to study.

well i think im heading in.... the awesome mom in law is coming tomorrow!!
comin up for a quick visit. im so excited!!!

love * peace

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