Saturday, November 13, 2010


just when i think i can't get any more tired....
i do.

thats ok. ...and its not that i dont get enough sleep. i surely do that.
its just i work a crazy exhausting job.

and then go home and study.
and then on days off of work i spend reading, studying, writing, or cleaning.

life is good though.
spent 24 hours with my awesome mother in law.
laughed. shopped. chatted about life. it was great.
had a cozy fire with my sweet husband last night- after a cozy dinner.
the weather is PERFECT. 30's at night-- 70's in the sunshine.
duke basketball is here-- which always means fun.
and ryan's bday is next weekend-- which promises to be a fun saturday!!

hope your life is good.

love & peace

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