Wednesday, September 8, 2010

wednesday... the mid week hump

for most people this is the mid week hump- but in my life i dont feel i have such a thing.

im working part of the weekend- therefore this work week will go right into next week.
i did have a long break from work this past weekend... but no actual work- just means more time for school work. which is a good thing...

so far im still loving school.
lots of work- but not too crazy yet.
i enjoy my classes and actually feel like i am learning so much.
oh well.
that's an update on my life.

in other news: please keep the jackson family in your prayers. Heath was killed monday morning in his home after someone attempted to rob him/ he was 25 years old and an amazing musician. he was a strong christian and worked with a lot of ministries in columbus. i knew him in high school- we were both involved in an organization called Teen Advisors. talk about a shock to the city- i know there are lots of torn of friends and family members back home. keep them all in your prayers.

alsooooo my new cousin: chase.... pray for him. no details are needed- just some issues with severe headaches and some brain swelling. really scary stuff.

well- its wednesday. i hope your week is flying by, and your weekend comes quickly.
im off to do a little pathophysiology.

love & peace

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