Friday, September 10, 2010


week two that is.... although tomorrow is a day FULL of school.
and sunday is my last day of work this week.
so technically its not over.
sunday night at 7pm when i get off work... then it will be over.

its been a week to say the least.
frustration. overwhelmed. craziness. some relief. then more frustrations.
its going to be a wild ride this year.
im so grateful i have my wonderful husband at my side.
without him i would not be able to do it.

its a wonderful 64 degrees out... i just left a friends house- where we were sitting outside chatting and just relaxing. it was SO NICE. felt AMAZING. i loved it.
and then last night ryan & i went out for a delicious dessert (just to treat ourselves). we went to our favorite french bakery and i had the most wonderful cheescake. again we sat outside and just enjoyed ourselves....

mmmm north carolina nights. how i love them.

well off to bed-
big day of studying and reading and writing tomorrow.

peace & love

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