Monday, September 27, 2010

day dreamer...

...right now... the back porch door is open... the rain is pouring... its dark out... i have my 'pumpkin butter' candle burning... nice calming music playing... and im dreaming about living in the mountains.

i think my very wooded and hilly back yard makes me feel like im in the mountains... so i like to pretend im there. right now.

and the fact we have made our macminn family christmas plans... which will be taking place at a mountain cabin... i just can't get the mountains out of my mind.

i can't wait to live there.

because i will... one day.

or at least have a tiny little cabin on a mountain.
one day.

.....but for now.... i should get back to studying.
so i can one day make enough money to buy the previously mentioned tiny mountain cabin.

until that day... ill just be dreaming.
and smelling candles.
and pretending.


Katie B said...

We're spending Fall Break and Thanksgiving at Nate's parents' cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I can't stop thinking about being in the mountains either!

Sara said...

our door to each some college town so our husbands can be professors. hahaha

Laura F. said...

TJ and I own 20 acres at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains! You wanna move to VA?? And we have 5 colleges in the area so Ry can be a prof! We could sell you a piece and you could build a cabin!!! I totally would love having you around!!