Tuesday, September 28, 2010

comment happy

i was glad to see so many comments :: and by that i mean 3:: about the mountains. it reminds me that people DO read my blog!

here i am again.

i think its the best part of blogs.

took my first 'assessment' test today.
im sure i did find on it-- which is a relief.

lab today (3 1/2 hours of being in a fake hospital cubicle without windows) was fun today. only because my lab partner is hilarious. we laugh so much. and have lots of fun. don't get me wrong, we are working really hard to get down the info and skills--- like today-- testing each cranial nerve. muscle strength. and various a sundry other random skills.
we have fun.
today our professor ::who is slightly crazy herself:: came over and started laughing at us. and was calling US crazy! and laughing about us being out of control! of course-- she graded our assessment and said we did a great job!! which is nice-- but told us in real life to be it together a bit more. hahaa.... oh well. she was laughing. we were laughing.
its a fun environment.

and really... if you only knew how crazy--- and odd-- this professor is-- you could understand how funny it is that she called US crazy!

oh well. it was a good fun day.
now time for the never-ending homework and reading.

oh but... the weather is finally AMAZING.
highs in the seventies!
lows in the FORTIES!

fall = perfection

love & peace

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