Saturday, April 10, 2010


...all of the above.

the last two days of work were so exhausting.
mentally, physically, emotionally-
just draining.
i worked 4 12's this week...
which is like a total of 50 hours (when you add up the extra time before and after)

it was soooo exhausting.
i haven't been as tired as i was last night in YEARS!
like back to the college days.

anyway... i have slept 11 hours-
and plan on spending today relaxing.
i have homework to do (lotssss. darn statistics)
but at least i can sit down and do it.
or even spend time at a coffee shop doing work.

its soooo pretty out!
50's- sunny- green!
mmm. hopefully i can get outside
as long as the pollen doesn't kill me!

ok. enough rambling about nothing.

peace & love

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