Thursday, April 15, 2010


why hello again.
im sorry to have been away for so long.
there is no real reason---
but im here now.
pondering two things...

the beautiful earth...
and good books.

today was the perfect day-
seventies- blue blue sky- light breeze-
so i planted a small garden.
i enjoyed getting my hands dirty
playing in the potting soil-
planting seeds- that probably wont' grow.

but i can still hope.
ill water them. rotate the pots in the sun.
and hope they will grow & produce!
just one little strawberry.
thats all i want!

so i spent a little time outside... which i hope to do tomorrow as well.

and now im inside reading.
right now im reading donald miller's recent book:
a million miles in a thousand years

its a really great one so far.
makes ya think. lets ya laugh.
enjoyable for sure.

so let me back up for a minute.
the past two days ive sat in a class.
it consisted of around 9 different lectures all about working in the emergency room in one way or another. it was so great. i really enjoyed it. im not sure if its because i LOVE the classroom?! or what. but really. i love listening, learning, and gaining knowledge. i LOVE it.
which gets me SOOOO excited about starting school-
in whats that...

in 4 months my life will drastically change... and one of the biggest changes will probably be the lack of time i have to read for fun.
i love reading.... for fun. novels. chickflicks. historical books. i love it all.
so im thinking....
i have 4 months to read whatever i want!! before 3 years of no reading for fun at all.
i need a list.
i need your help.
if you only had 4 months to read ...
what would you read!!
i'd love your suggestions.
just your favorite book.
just a recommendation!
and starting NOW-
im going to try and read & read & read!

leave me a comment and tell me your favorite book!
if i get a good enough list i'll compile a big list. and start marking off the books!

....for now. its back to donald miller.

hope you all are doing superbly well.
love & peace


Teresa said...

Crazy Love and Forgotten God by Francis Chan are excellent!

Sara said...

I miss you!

Mr. and Mrs. Coggin said...

Ditto on the Crazy Love by Francis Chan! Nathan just finished reading the Donald Miller book you are reading now. He really enjoyed it. I got the Christmas Sweater for Christmas, and it was a good one. I hope everything is going well!!

Katie B said...

2 favorite teen fiction reads from the past year:
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Unwind by Neil Shusterman
Both are action packed, thought provoking, and super entertaining.