Sunday, April 25, 2010

saturday night...

this was my saturday night...
captured by my awful cell phone camera.
despite that...
i got off work FOUR HOURS EARLY!
so i came home... did some laundry.
did a little hw (like 2 hours worth)
and then finished this book while eating a bowl of ice cream
in my super awesome lion bowl from katie b!

so the book.
it was good. very quick read. and although it won't be a favorite of mine, it was still very enjoyable. its the story of a 12year old. she gets wrapped up in this fantasy about her brother's wedding. she has decided she is moving away from her small town- and with her brother after his wedding. of course his brother knows none of this. this book is a fun little adventure... with a lot more depth than i am letting on.


today ... im doing more homework. taking a quiz. and then starting the road.
probably throw in some laundry and a trip to starbucks.
sounds like a good rainy/stormy sunday to me.

love & peace

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