Thursday, April 29, 2010


5 hours of sleep.
12 hours of work.
4 hours at a concert.
that was my LONG exhausting day yesterday.
but i will say...
flogging molly
is a fuuunnnn awesome band!
we saw them for free last night.
its IRISH- dancing. punk. loud. awesome music.
despite being soooo tired-
we had a blast.
yesterday was a free show at Duke- to celebrate the last day of class.
we enjoyed it for sure.
but i might say i enjoyed my bed much more.
i slept a gooood nine hours last night in our frigid house.
and only frigid bc it was THIRTY degrees outside last night.
i had to bring in all of the plants!
they are slowing growing!! so ill post pics soon.
off to work now-
today ry will finish all of his papers!! then its summer time for him!
wooooo! :)
love & peace

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