Sunday, March 28, 2010

dear duke student...

today i got an e-mail that read...

"dear duke student,
congrats on being accepted to duke university!"

it made me really happy.

today i also wrote my first check to duke.
already asking for my money... oh well.
its allll worth it.
a fantastic education is worth whatever they want...
and the part about how ill have a job quite easily when i graduate... that makes it seem much better also.


anyway. i would also like to add that today was palm sunday.
which is my favorite sunday at duke chapel.
other than the sermon- it was the exact same as last year-
but that didn't matter.
it was wonderful.
after singing Lord of the dance- with the amazing choir-
the incredible organ-
then throw in some awesome percussion...
it just makes me want to dance!
i loveeee it.
you can watch it here:
after you fast forward to the end of the service... its the last song we sang.

anyway... back to duke basketball.
its tennnse.

peace & love

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JM said...

yo go girl! Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!