Saturday, March 13, 2010

birthday... part 3!

so... the birthday.
thankfully... i can say... it got much better.

after an 8 hour trek ... which should have taken 3 & 1/2 hours...
we made it to our bed & breakfast

which i will say was awesome.
(more on that another day)

anyway... before that. we finally got a tire (after AAA calling NUMEROUS shops trying to find us the right size tire)... it was unreal how difficult, frustrating, and saddening it was.

anyway. we got the tire.
grabbed chipotle... and hit the road.

we got to the b&b and went to bed. soooo tired!
anyway... yesterday started off with an AMAZING breakfast...
a day at the biltmore which was spectacular...
a trip to walmart...
an awesome dinner at a local restaurant...
then more sleep.

it was soooo good.
and i have sooo many pictures to add.
(but the mcdonalds parking lot off the interstate, isn't the best place to upload pics)
anyway... today we are off to spend the day with family who lives around here.

and of course watch duke basketball.

back to durham we go tomorrow...

but until then, we are enjoying our time.
our new tire.
and family.

love & peace

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