Monday, March 2, 2009

snow... round 2.

after much consideration i figured i should blog about the snow... since everyone else is.
sadly i cant enjoy the snow this time. im stuck at work...
i had the pleasure of leaving for work an hour EARLIER than normal- so i could scrape my car and drive @ a roaring 30mph to work. why did i drive so slow you ask. many reasons.
1. it was snowing.
2. there was snow all over the road.
3. there was ice all over the road.
4. and since i left home at 6am i was like the 2nd person out driving in the mess.

luckily i ended up being behind a snow plow on the only small road i had to go on- so that was good.
anyway- i will say the drive in was BEAUTIFUL. the sun was rising. it was snowing. everything was white- with a hint of blue- bc the sky was GORGEOUS. it was really neat.

sadly. the rest of the day i have spent inside looking out at it wishing i could go build a snowman or something. im not too bitter though- considering this is our second "big snow" of the year. and this one is not nearly as good as the first.

anyway. i love snow. its beautiful.

and to think... i was just about to change my big main picture (the one above) to ::spring edition:: its a good thing the snow is still there.

ok. im done.

peace & love.

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