Saturday, March 14, 2009

rainy saturday.

i love the rain. its so soothing and calming and peaceful.
today was all rain- all day.
and i loved it.

duke won their game today so are in the final for the acc tournament. wahO!

i have begun the hunt for a place to live next year, its still a little early, but i reallllly want to live in a house (or duplex or townhouse) so i know ill have to find it early! there is a HUGE possibility, but we will have to see what will work out. Im just trustin we will find what we need & hopefully what we want.

i got the first season of 'gossip girl' for my birthday. and since then i have watched FIVE episodes. im reallllly addicted. its NOT quality tv by any means, but goodness it is entertaining and captivating! and its NOT a "reality" show... its just a good old high school soap opera (basically). but set in new york city so its pretty fun since ry and i have been places on the show... and well who doesn't love watching high school drama.

hm. what else. i dunno. thats about it. ive enjoyed my 3 days off! tomorrow is one more day off before i work 3 in a row. BUT THEN 4 more days off... and A will be here! (my soon to be sister) im prettty excited about that one!

anyway. love and peace.

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