Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hello world.

i have come out of hiding... to say hello!

so i wasn't actually hiding, just worked 3 days in a row... 3 12 1/2 hour days that is. mon,tues,wed leave the house at 630am get home roughly around 8pm. its a long exhausting day, but they progressively got better and better. mon- awful. im not talking about that one. tues & wed- much better days. all in all i got some great experience on the floor- and still learning SO darn much.

tonight i had mexican with my sweet man- and then watched LOST. (which is my favorite show- but tonight... i got a little lost. im persevering though. and i still LOVE it. ) anyway. i made my tournament bracket... bc heck yes i can't wait for some basketball to start! im a true duke fan... and have them winning the whole thing. hah. unlikely, but i mean gotta stay positive and believe in my team!! and if they do win... ill prob be the winner on facebook, which would be pretty darn sweet.

im suuppper excited because A (my soon to be sister) is coming to town tomorrow and staying for the weekend! wow... i can't WAIT!! really im super stoked.

in other news- im finally going to the eye doctor to get some contacts!! i am SO EXCITED. like i feel dorky because i am so excited. i have been wearing glasses since last summer. if you know me (for more than the last 6 months) you know this is rare and strange... i had to wait until my insurance kicked in, and covered me and finally. i can see the eye doc.

oh yes. in case you forgot... bc i CERTAINLY did... (ok not really, but feels that way) IM GOING TO GUATEMALA NEXT FRIDAY!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD??!?!?! totally has snuck up on me. im realllly excited, nervous, anxious, happy, scared, pumped to be with the guatemalans, and well every other emotion. woooow. pray 4 ME! plllleeasssee!! :)

and finally. ryan & i have a house. ok not actually... but a house we are renting!! its AWESOME! in a great neighborhood. close to duke, and my work. im so happy we found it and so relieved! such a blessing from the Lord that it has all worked out! i mean its awesome and PERFECT for us!! join me in may & june for the move-in party! no really!! ill buy you food and beverage if you come and help!! anytime!!! anyway. i LOVE it. its our first home!! :) in the woods, a lil creek out front, on a cul-de-sac... yay!

well i think that fully exhausts EVERYTHING.

hope you are well.
peace & love.


Laura Ann. said...

If Chris and I come to Duke, can we rent the other half? :)

amberbaldridge said...

So cute!

jlindsey said...

super cute!

Go DUKE!! It's all over our house!