Sunday, March 22, 2009


im going there.
in like five days.

please pray for me, for safety, support, good health, and a good (successful) time.

pray for ryan and the fams too.

i can't believe its so soon!!

i did find some AWESOME "missionary" skirts at goodwill today. no really they are awesome. i didn't plan on this happening, but i bought 2 banana republic skirts, BR pants, a ralph lauren skirt and a lands end skirt... all for 18 bucks... and all for my trip. who knew a missionary could be so stylish... hahah.


i need to get to bed, ill try and post pics from the party tomorrow.
as long as work doesn't wear me out.

off to bed. i work mon, tues, wed, then off TWO weeks for the big trip!!

peace & love.

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