Monday, March 23, 2009

blog checker.

so today... its been the slowest day at work... EVER.
and its 100% due to the fact i was "floated" to another floor that was down a nurse.
just a regular old gen/med floor with some oncology patients. and by some i mean like 1. anyway. its a new experience, and while there are many times i dont enjoy my job- its days like this i realize there are much worse places to be. its not really "worse" just different. reallllly slow paced. not much going on. kinda chill. thats not really my style. im a quicker person... which is one reason i do enjoy my floor. its a faster paced always moving place. now some days are terribly overwhelming and crazy- but a lot of times the day flies by at a great pace. keeps me busy and def not bored.

anyway. back to me being a blog checker. ive logged onto my blog a million times today- just to hope and see if someone has maybe posted a story or a picture or something. so far- ive got nothing. but dont worry... ill keep checking & ill prob be the first to read your post for the day...

anyway. only 2 more days of work before 2 weeks off for guatemala! i looked at the city im going to- on the coast! its like a coastal vacation spot for guatemalans! im so excited!! sounds amazing- thats the city we are in- the village we are working in is about an hour away- i think up on a mountain. and ill be with the kids- teaching about hygiene and washing their hands. wow. im SO excited... like bursting at the seems. ry & i bought some fun toys at the dollar store and walmart yesterday- bubbles, frisbee, ball, jump rope!

should be amazing... other than being away from ryan... like no internet, or phone, or anything... ekkK! but i know it will fly by and be so good. anyway- ill try to update this thing all week with stuff we are doing on the trip- and im hoping to schedule some posts so that they will come up during my trip of what im "supposed" to be doing that day!! haha... at least what the itinerary tells me im doing. anyway.

back to work.

peace & love.


Laura Ann. said...

ah, now I see the reason for you having read my exceedingly long blog post. haha

actually, I wrote it for the school paper, but it turned out so funny (to me anyway) that I decided to put it up here.

I'm sorry we won't be joining you in Durham. :( Maybe you can visit us in Nashville?

PSIrwin said...

Oh come on, then you saw the purse.

I mailed your package today.
And paid for two day delivery.
Those crazy post office people better come through.