Monday, February 9, 2009

we have a date!

and a chapel!
and a DRESS!
and a (possible/ not definite) reception!
and a (possible/ not definite) rehersal dinner spot!
and a florist!
and a cake!
and a photographer!
and a preacher!

good grief. ry and i could get married tomorrow!!

:) lets just say it was a highly successful day! and- well- weekend!!

tomorrow is the journey northward up 85 to good old durham. back to the hunny. future/soon to be hubby! yayyy!!!

i will say i was not expecting to get so much accomplished- i just wanted a date. the chapel. get some ideas for what i like in a wedding dress. and figure out rehersal dinner and reception possibles... this was way better than i expected.

i never thought id get the SECOND dress i ever tried on- OR A dress from LAGRANGE!- but its PERFECT. one day you will see. in 6 months actually!

:) so peace and love from an excited bride!


ozob said...

you forgot that we have a fabulous director... that's the part i am really thrilled about!!! but really danimac... couldn't you have gotten a wee bit more accomplished!!! you know i am kidding... love you kiddo!!!

Sara said...

....and we started a guestlist.
and rehearsal dinner list.

and made something secret.