Tuesday, February 10, 2009

cloud 9.

wherever that is. ...thats where i am.

just had a fantastic weekend.
got TONS done. had a blast with my bff. and the parentals. saw lots of wonderful people. had lunch with 2 of my favorite people from the college (the deans- as in slay and b). played with 2 of the most awesome kids ever (and got to chat with their fantastic parents- one who just happens to be my wedding photographer! :) ) ate lots of realllly good food. and um did i mention i was with my bff for like 4 days straight?!?! yeahhhhh.

so. let me take a moment and praise JESUS! i took my car to get an oil change. good old crocket brothers not only did that but realized the bearings in my tire were alll messed up/broken/missing... not exactly sure. but all i know is i saw my tire wiggling and dangling and i saw the other tires not moving. it was a terrifing sight... to know i was driving around with that broken thing! thank goodness they had it completly fixed within 3hours... and i was on the road by noon. holy cow. what a HUGE blessing. thank goodness mom INSISTED i get the oil change!! no really.

the 7 hour drive back to durham was oh so fun. let me tell you. but i did think about the wedding basically the whole time- which made it fun.

umm. duke vs unc tomorrow night. EXCITING!! ry will be there. ...starting at 5:30 AM!! he will be waiting all day to get a good seat. ill be working all day then going over to a friends to enjoy the game in the comfort of his home. yes his. its ryan's student mentor's house. one of my favorite people in durham. haha... shoudl be sooo fun.

anyway. i have to work tomorrow. booo.
but hopefully it will be great. and if i ever get down ill just remember...

1. Jesus loves me.
3. im off the next day.
5. i will day dream about how fun the weekend was.

ok the end.

love and peace.