Saturday, February 21, 2009


plan for my saturday.

- clean up the room
- take the little sister (YES I FINALLY HAVE A LIL IN BIG BROTHERS/BIG SISTERS!! today is our first adventure) ...we are going to lunch and a movie. not the best thing to start up convo- BUT i got to just break the ice and do things... dont you worry. im going to teach this girl to craft. she just doesn't know it yet. haha... but she is 14. so we will be able to do lots.
- go to grocery and take back a redbox... ive had it for a while. like 4 days.
- cook ryan dinner
- read while he does hw tonight
- maybe finish robin hood (we started it last night. like the classic disney cartoon. SO GOOD!! and funnny!)

ok. i guess thats good enough.
guess i should get going. :)

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