Sunday, February 22, 2009

1 reason i should DEF marry ryan.

he cooks for me the days i work. i mean that alone is a reason to marry him.... but there are 100s of reasons. :) but back to cooking. today he was at the bball game so he could not make me dinner. so what did i have you ask? cereal and bacon. delicious. yeahhhh. like i said. its a good thing i am marrying him and a good thing he cooks for me.

onto another note. today was a long and hard day at work. but there was a bright side. i had a hispanic patient. he only spoke spanish. he and his family are from Chile. He was awesome though. I had an AMAZING time talking with him and teaching him all I could about what was going on. Dont get me wrong- my spanish is weak- but compared to my coworkers I am top notch. haha. but not really. but being with those patients and attempting spanish is my absolute favorite thing to do. i leave the room feeling like i actually have done something. I can't describe it. I just feel alive when I am takling to them and teaching them and trying to help them understand their condition.

so. today i began searching spanish classes. im going to work on getting into some medical spanish classes at a tech school here... and see where that gets me. i think it will be awesome. who knows. i can't start classes until after aug (#1 im getting married. #2 after august ill be considered a NC resident! AH!!) anyway. who knows. but i mean i love spanish. i love hispanics. i should do something about this.

well off to watch some duke bball and get in bed. i work yet again tomorrow. lovely.

peace and love.

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