Saturday, January 31, 2009

saturday surprise.

well first let me tell you about my sickness. because i know you ALL want to know about it
i worked 12 hours yesterday and felt fine! picked up some chinese for ry and i (at a KILLER awesome place... ...yeah they have a website. haha) and then put in a movie (pineapple express... maybe ill tell you about it later) once the movie started going the nausea kicked back in. it wasn't the food bc ry and i shared... and he was fine. so i went home early well 11. and got in bed. this morning im only partly nauseous so thats good.

today ry is taking me on a saturday surprise adventure. (i took him on one a couple weeks ago) its def a fun thing to do with someone. just wake up and take them somewhere fun and just hang out. im looking forward to whatever he has in store. there is no telling! oh saturday surprises... always take me back to my 4 years at camp. where every week we would have a saturday surprise.

...anyway. im off for a fun photo taking day. and it looks like its going to be gorgeous! 40-50* and bright blue sky. yeahhH!

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