Thursday, January 29, 2009


.... is me.

so apparently the side effects of the antibiotic i am taking include:
- headache (check)
- fatigue (check)
- dizziness (check)
- nausea (check)

add all of that up and it equals a sicker person that i started out... well sorta.
i mean im sure my antibiotic is clearing up the infection; but the side effects are making me feel rotten.

luckily the charge nurse let me leave early from work... since i feel like crap... and here i am laying in bed (since 6.30). just laying here. about to fall asleep. but trying not to yet... its a bit too early.

anyway. 12 hours of work tomorrow... well thats the plan. we shall see.

ryan is still bumming around one handed... poor guy.
we are just a mess.

im looking forward to a good weekend of no work and no school.

peace and love this evening...

1 comment:

ozob said...

chin up kiddo... this too shall pass...