Wednesday, September 10, 2008

today was a day just like any other... sorta

what a day it has been.
to get the full rundown of today... i will have to start with yesterday... which honestly feels like it was a week ago!

anyway- here goes. yesterday. was annoyed at work. just frustrated and flustered and didn't know what to do. so i e-mailed my boss lady. ::who by the way is wonderful:: i went down to her office... had an amazing 45ish minute chat and left feeling so much better. i am SO lucky to have her! we chatted. laughed... and when i left i, not only felt better, but am now going to be a "new grad" representative at this big official meeting... which is pretty cool. i love stuff like that... big important meetings with "important people". no really. im not being sarcastic. i love figuring out why they are so important and talking with them and getting my name out there. i may be a nurse these days... but maybe one day my name will be known. :) haha... and well i just like to figure out what kind of jobs are out there and what i can do with my life...

so blah blah blah... today. well i woke up around 10ish... and it was pitch black- why... bc of the rain. it rains a lot here... and well it rained all day. i spent my morning doing nothing- finally got out of the house this afternoon and went to the grocery and to verizon. because yes- i broke the unbreakable phone. ...well i didn't really break it. but its darn broke as a joke! i can't flip it shut or it turns off... and then wont come on for several minutes. quite QUITE annoying. so i took it in... and they ordered me a new one! yES!!!

after verizon... i got a call from the boss... (luckily my phone was working!) and she informed me of more exciting news... i might just end up working on a cardiac unit! which could and would be soOOO cool. and sorry- hope i dont offend anyone- but def could be better than just the average gen/med floor. ill be rotating there next week and we shall see how that goes. it will be my last rotation. i mean after this rotation im thinking its going to be much better... but i dunno. i can't imagine things getting more annoying... but i guess its possible.

anyway im so excited to see what this last rotation holds... ummm what else. OH BIG NEWS. i cooked dinner tonight. and while thats not too uncommon these days (gosh i miss lagrange college caf) i actually made dinner from SCRATCH. i made REAL meatloaf. and wow it was SOOOOO good. i was impressed. ry was impressed. and then chelsea came home and ate some and was impressed. it was a good feeling. :) so yippPPEE for cooking real food and succeeding!

ok i guess thats enough rambling about my oh so exciting and thrilling life. im off to eat some icecream and watch tv. fun FUN! haha...

love and peace from the exciting life of a nurse in north carolina-

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Sara said...

meatloaf. I am impressed. Did you call your mom to get a recipe? :)

I would cook, but...we don't have kitchen cabinet doors installed at the moment and well if I cooked everything would just look like a big mess. and I don't like messes.

anywho. I miss you. a lot. especially right now.