Friday, September 12, 2008

sleepy head...

not much to say... im exhausted and suppose to be sleeping right now.
today was the last day of my second rotation... can i get a THANK YOU JESUS! no really. i am so greatful to be moving away from that floor!!
next week its off to the Cardiac Unit... which should/hopefully be great. i hope so anyway! im really looking forward to it.

tonight was fun- well started a bummer bc a concert ry and i were going to was canceled... but we explored downtown durham- ate some yummy mexican- went to a superbly aweosome bar- so classy/artsy/ cool... and we sat outside (bc here... at night... NO humidity and its in the low 70's. beautiful!) so yeah- the sad night turned out to be fun.

tomorrow is my FIRST SATURDAY OFF!!! since i started!!! again- THANK YOU JESUS! :) so i am off to a little duke football. should be loads of fun!

so until next time- im out. peace and love-

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