Monday, September 22, 2008

peaceful day

so despite all my complaining and bitching about my job... (so ive gotten a little free-er with my vocabulary, sorry mom :)... anyway despite my attitude i will say only working 3 days a week is fabulous. really. granted at times its super boring, but im working on fixing that.
today though... probably one of the most relaxing days ever...

i sat outside on my deck, with a mountain dew, some jack's salsa and chips, and a good book in hand and i read. and read. annnnd read! it was so relaxing and wonderful!

then i ventured to target- bought all of the following: new rug for bathroom: 3$. 2 placemats for outside table: 2$ a new shirt: 3$ and a new (awesome) skirt: 5$ it was quite exciting.

after that i worked out at the gym.

then went to moes for 5$ moes monday! with friends! yay for friends in durham!!

finally topped off the evening with jon and kate plus 8. def my favorite show. they are an amazing couple! so funny. so great. have such great faith in the Lord. and i think do a great job raising their kids!

anyway thats my monday... hope yours was just as good.

ps- as i was out and about... i saw the first signs of fall... the trees are already slightly changing here! im so excited about a real fall this year! yay!! :)

love and peace in Christ-


Julia said...

i'm not sure about homecoming, maybe, if you and ry are going and want to split gas money or something, thoguth let us know! Kathy R. might want to accompany us on the road trip too!

Anonymous said...

okay, I need to go to Target with you because I never get out that cheap!

Sara said...

I WANT TO GO TO TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!