Sunday, September 21, 2008

ok. im over it... :)

so- im over it.
i mean i really was bummed i had to leave campout...
but the wise mrs. lingenfelter is correct... i did make some good mula today... and well i can just buy tickets. or actually... i can wait in the "walk up" line... campout each game... and prob get in FO` FREE.... as long as i find a college ID. its a good thing i know a few folks in div school! and well hopefully we can all come across some extra tickets for our favorite bluedevil/ lagrange professor. but thats just a hopeful mabye!

so yeah. campout was a blast- and i was only there for a few hours... well like 8. haha... but that was only 8 of the 36. and good news... RY GOT SEASON TICKETS!!! so YEAHHHH!!! granted exciting for him... not so much for me. but i am just hoping to get in the walk up lines... before the games... and get in. i mean as long as im there a good several hours before the game (and can come across a duke ID) ill be fine...

here are some pics from the madness:

(the several thousand grad students getting in line at a check-in)

ps. work ended up being really good today. very exciting... and crazy busy. so yeah it was a good thing i was there. :) ill write more about work and the grown up world tomorrow. for now im off to bed! :) peace and love-

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