Saturday, September 27, 2008

the j0B.

let me catch you up on my job... I am finally done with my program (well as of tomorrow) so no more rotations! annnnddddd i have a job on the cardiac unit... which although its a night position... i am SO HAPPY! i really am. i think once nights start ill be saying something different, but i have at least 5 more weeks on days because ill be orienting on days... so for 5 weeks ill be excited and happy- but after that. ugh. no fun... im just hoping 3 people decide to quit days, or go to nights. im 3rd in line to go to days... so we just have to hope and pray that within the next 2 months 3 people decide to leave. sorta possible... but i dunno.

anyway today was a good day at work. i did a lot of just reading and learning... which i like. it was a good slow quiet day. hopefully tomorrow will be the same. i also have some exciting news... i am interviewing monday to be a "big sister" in the big brothers/big sisters organization! im reallllly excited about that. like super pumped!! AND i have found a contact at duke who is helping me find some volunteer work in churches with parish nurses! yeahHHH! im really excited about that prospect too!

anyway im really tired. my trip to the mountains spoiled me- and exhausted me.
im going to read a little harry potter and hit the sack....

love & peace-

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Sara said...

miss you miss you miss you