Saturday, September 20, 2008

i have a friend!

so. i met this girl... through a whole bunch of guys that ry met at div school. she-though- is not in div school. amber is a teacher and like me- graduated in may and is trying to figure out this whole "grown up" thing. we have hung out several times this week already- its been lots of fun. its such a blessing to have a friend... who is at the same place in life as i am! its been great.

last night i went to a concert with her- and some other girls- we saw jars of clay, third day, and switchfoot. it was quite a good show... the encore all 3 bands played. mmm. haha... it was lots and lots of fun- and very very cold! well... cool. i was bundled up in a blanket. but it was outside under the stars... such a perfect night!

so the rest of this is going to be random thoughts about my week.... enjoy

-ry is on an intramural soccer team. they are really good. undefeated. well theyve only played 2games, but still. its been fun going... bc yes i go to all the games. im so glad he is playing! i miss watching him play on lagrange's team... going sitting at all the games... cheering him on... luckily i can still see him play... just on the intramural level! its still fun. and the people on his team (all 3rd year div students) are cool and friendly and i like getting to know them...

- i have an interview wed. on the cardiac floor.... for nights. ugh... but oh well. what do ya do. its the only job available... we shall see how it goes.

- im coming home to georgia soon... like in a month. that is of course if i can get off work.. but im going to make it happen! its been far too long. i need to see friends. and family. and be "down south again". haha... i will say anytime i say im from ga people say oh really- you dont have a southern accent at all. ...thank goodness. oh how i am grateful i do not.

-its campout weekend... meaning all the grad students are camping out in tents for 36hours. they have to stay at the campout field (which is on duke campus) and check in randomly throughout the 36hours. apparently a loud bell rings... and you run to the table to check in. if you make all the check-ins (which last night lasted until 2:30 and began this morning at 7:30) then you are put in the drawing for duke basketball tickets. if your name is drawn... you get season tickets. BUT what most people do is join a group. ry is in a group of 12 people... so whatever happens they split 12 ways. whetehr only one person wins or all 12 win they split everything... the cost and tickets. hopefully ry will come out on toP! if not from what ive heard he is having lots of fun- meeting lots of people- ill be going over there today to hang out and goof off for a while.

- i think thats all for now... like thats not enough... but ill add some pics soon of the campout and other things....

hope you enjoy reading about my ridiculous life... it is quite random. maybe ill add some "deep" thoughts in the coming days... haha we shall see.

-love and peace-

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