Monday, May 2, 2011


peace. im a fan of it. 
not sure how i feel about all this stuff-- but i am not out celebrating in the streets. something seems horribly wrong with celebrating the killing of a man. he is an awful man. but it just is not something to celebrate like we won the world cup or something. there is still a war. there are still civilians and troops that will die. terrorism is not over. sadly. its good that the leader is no more- but there will just be another leader. we have a long way to go before we become a peaceful nation. i am so grateful for our freedom in this country and the men and women that serve our country to keep it safe and free. i hope that is clear. 
i just am not a fan of the celebration of death and the comments that people say. earlier today mrs clinton said 'taliban you must become peaceful or we will continue to bring you down'. really? 'force' them to be peaceful with guns and fighting? it just makes no sense to me. 
and then another guy said we must be ready for retaliation. they are gonna fight back. but he said it with an excited voice. like he was playing a video game and just beat the first level. time to go on to level two. 
unfortunately this is not a video game. its real life. 
and well--- blogs are places to throw out ideas and thoughts and let the world know how you feel. so thats what im doing. hope you don't mind. 


in other news. 
ryan and i are moving. 
have i mentioned that?
to the mountains. to canton, nc in fact. 
ry will be a head pastor of a church!!
we are soooo excited. 
2 more months!!

oh. and. im quitting my job. 
not working anymore. 
im going to be a stay-at-home mom. 
ok. just kidding. 
im going to school full time and not working so i can focus on that. 
its going to keep me busy. 
 ill be going to school online. starting in the fall all of my classes will be done using the internet. pretty awesome stuff. 
and just to clarify- there is no baby. 

welp. i think  that will just about do it. 

love & Peace. 


Sara said...

ahahaha, thank you for the clarification. That was funny. :)

Laura F. said...

I could not have said it better myself. I kinda "celebrated" b/c I know it was a big "victory" for the men in the navy seal group who actually killed him. They had been on his trail since 2006 so to "finish" the job was a good thing.
But this is far from the end and I definitely would not dance in the streets over it!

I want a Snider baby when you finish school! :) So happy for you both and all the great things going on in your life!

ozob said...

go ahead with the snider baby and i will become a stay at home grandma... and i totally agree with your sentiment toward "peace" and the really strange and disturbing world we live in.