Wednesday, May 4, 2011


we have begun the process of moving. 
and by that i mean thought about it. 
and i have packed 4 boxes (all things we have no need for in the next 2 months, such as photo albums and our favorite books)
ryan has spent HOURS going through all of his school work from college and seminary sorting it into categories and filing it in a filing cabinet. thats been a HUGE success and achievement. its very organized and now he can reference his materials in an easy way. AND he got rid of TONNNSSSS. so now instead of 12 notebooks, he was one cabinet (a small plastic one) with all of his work organized. its awesome. 
what else... oh. ive packed up my winter clothes. 
and the bigest- we started a goodwill box. as we come across crap we want to get rid of- in the box it goes. 
i have 3 weeks off of school and work and need to do as much as i possibly can in these next few weeks so the move will be easier. 

speaking of easier we are HOPING to hire movers. yes. hire movers. i have contacted one group here in durham and they sent me a "cube sheet" to fill out to give me an estimate of how much it will cost to move. it made me realize that me and ry dont have too much. the things on this sheet were crazy. well some of it. such as:
 organ sm, organ lg, sewing machine, clothes line (isn't that just a rope?), incenerator (what!?@?) generator, iron (really- does this add like a dollar if i do?) plastic crate, sand box (i wonder if they will move the sand also) ash can (really. it says ash can. and its not a typo. trash can is below it. ), and CAT CONDO (prob my fav).

 anyway. we have a moving allowance so we are going to see if our moving allowance will allow us to hire movers. i mean we don't have much- but if i can get someone else to haul our HUGE bookshelves, desks, couches and all our millions of books for us-- heck to the yes. 

so anyway. if it doesn't work out we are just going to throw a moving party and invite our durham friends. hopefully the church will be at our new house ready to greet us to help us unload! but there again.... you just never know. 

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